24 Hours In Maine - Chasing Winter Storm Harper

I left our warm house, a fire burning in the wood stove, I set the GPS North East, Western Maine was the destination. Good friends and all round great humans, Cait and Corey own an old farm house tucked away in the snow covered hills of Norway, Maine. We had all been tracking Winter Storm Harper for a couple days, excited and cautious of what to expect we set out for two days of back country touring. Cait and Corey on skis and I, a split board. Wanting to learn as much as I could from this experience the camera got put aside at times to focus on skill development. The second day, the anxiety and romance of getting out was overwhelming, the temperature dropped to -8F/-22C, most likely the coldest day my South Africa blood has experienced. We cracked on, layer upon layer of fleece and synthetic down, one foot in front of the other. The scenery, nothing I’ve ever experienced before, heavy tree branches drooping with white ice cream looking snow. A paradise for the arctic lover.

Cait is a fellow adventure and lifestyle photographer, based in Maine

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Corey is the co founder of Northeast Mountaineering, he’s bagged peaks all over the world while taking some incredible images of the adventure.

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