Outdoor Retailer Magazine

I spent some time in February shooting for Outdoor Retailer's Summer feature story. Sawyer land + Sea (the best surf shop I have ever steeped foot into) were featured in the mag and Andrew Kornylak did a great job shooting the story. I was hired to shoot the surfing from the ocean. It was great swimming out at Santa Cruz, CA and getting some water time. A small profile piece about the trip was featured on the back page of the magazine. 

Welcome to a New Portfolio

A new portfolio, a new website, whooo! I'm rather excited but also a part of me is scared to share this body of work with you, it peels back a layer or two of who I am. As my career and craft grows, I need a new space to represent me. So I hope you enjoy what you see, I hope you feel inspired to grab your gear and get outside. Adventure await, you just have to show up at the trail head or the put in, the rest you deal with as it unfolds. 

I'll be updating my site as new work evolves and is produced. So be sure to check in from time to time.